How do I find the Birthday Recap Video that I saw on my Facebook feed? 

How do I find the Birthday Recap Video that I saw in my feed?
The feature is rolling out and Facebook users can expect to see the Birthday video on a coming day. Once you have logged, you'll see the video the day after your birthday at the top of your "News Feed", where you can personalize the video created by Facebook. You can edit the clip by adding or removing specific posts as you like or keep it in their original form. But unfortunately, it happens to lose Internet connection before publishing the video and reloading the Facebook page will not find it anymore.

Yesterday was my birthday, and today Facebook had a pop up into my news feed a message "Hey Florina, the party's not over" with a video about my anniversary. As I was editing the birthday wishes posts for the video, my internet crashed and when I came back on Facebook, the video disappeared and I couldn't find it again.
This story that actually happened to me today and my reaction a few moments after I realized that I lost my Birthday video was definitely sad and I tried my best to recover it.