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Presentation of the Aşk ve Mavi series ~ Love and Hate

Presenting series Aşk ve Mavi ~ Love and Hate

Presentation of the Aşk ve Mavi series ~ Love and Hate
Director: Hakan Arslan
Screenwriter: Yelda Eroglu and Gül Abus Semerci
Producer: Mehmet Yigit Alp 
Generic music: Alp Yenier 
Original title: Aşk ve Mavi
English title: Love and Hate
Serial genre: Drama
Country of origin: Turkey
Seasons: +1
Episodes: + 47
Producer: NTC Medya, Turkey 2016
Broadcast: ATV, Turcia
Day and time of broadcast: Friday at 20:00
Episode Time: About 160 minutes
First broadcast on November 4, 20156
Official site: https://www.atv.com.tr/webtv/ask-ve-mavi/bolum

Aşk ve Mavi series ~ Love and hate Plot Summary:

  "Aşk ve Mavi" is one of the productions of the moment in Turkey, having so far over 47 episodes broadcast. The protagonists of the series "Love and Hate" are Ali (Emrah Erdoğan) and Mavi (Burcu Kiratli).

  Actors in the lead role:

  • Emrah Erdoğan will give life to character Ali.
  • Burcu Kiratli she will play Mavi, Ali's fiancée.

Presenting series Aşk ve Mavi ~ Love and Hate

The story of "Love and Hate" tells a fascinating love story where the strong feelings of hatred accumulated over the past 12 years are hard to master even in the face of love. This Bittersweet Story Love of the two protagonists is unpredictable, the two have nothing in common. The only thing Ali and Mavi have in common is love and devotion to their brothers.

  Ali is the son of a wealthy family who has spent many years in prison accused of killing a man named Ahmet (Mavi's brother).

  Mavi is an ordinary young woman - she has a family who loves her (but she hates her parents and lives with aunt's family), a stable job at a textile workshop and her purpose is to meet the one who has caused the nightmare of their lives to avenge her brother being killed 12 years ago on the wedding night.

  In the 12 years of imprisonment, Ali corresponded with Mavi by letters.

 And the day he was released, being crazy in love with the woman who helped him to endure captivity in all those hard years of his life decide mutually to marry.

 ❤ The day of release and meeting between the two: An inattentive driver is heading toward the two by car, but Mavi notices and pushes Ali. However, she's hit by the car and fallen down tells Ali that she saved his life and never forget that. Although it is not a coincidence that Mavi chose to correspond with Ali by letters supporting him morally in the 12 years. He does not suspect that the woman who became his wife is planning to kill him

 On his wedding night, even though he realized the family from which the girl comes from just during marriage procedures seeing her ID card. But thirsty for love, he hoped Mavi would still love him as he loves her.

  Hope dies last, isn't?

 “Love lives on hope, and dies when hope is dead; It is a flame which sinks for lack of fuel.” by Charles Caleb Colton.
  On Wedding Day: Mavi intends to kill Ali on the wedding night though it's hard to do that, even to the greatest enemy.

  Absolute Truth: In fact, the real killer is Cemal, Ali's brother, a truth that Mavi does not know and stabbing her husband with a knife just on the wedding night. Ali is innocent and yet blamed on him sitting in prison for years, because his brother Cemal had a wife and children.

   Wedding night: Ali who kept silence in the name of love, survived and told the police it was an accident and will not lodge a complaint against his wife, provided they live together. Although Mavi initially attempts to oppose this decision, an impossible love will begin between the two husbands.

 INFO: "Love and Hate" is a good series for those who want to watch a captivating and savoury story of love, where love and hatred make you gradually discover the puzzle pieces of true love.

  Will love be able to overcome hatred? What do you think?

  The slogan of the serial currently broadcast at Atv, Turkey being introduced as:

 Aşk ve Mavi ~  Love and Hate - Take Me with You Wherever You Go.
   Love and Hate Series cast:
  • Emrah ~ Ali is the son of Ürgüp's family
  • Burcu Kiratli ~ Mavi 
  • Isil Yücesoy ~ Refika 
  • Kenan Bal ~  Fazil 
  • Cüneyt Mete ~ Cemal 
  • Aysegül Ünsal ~ Hasibe
  • Necmettin Cobanoglu ~ Mahmut
  • Osman Karakoç ~ Ilyas
  • Birgül Ulusoy ~ Birgül
  • Ugur Uzunel ~ Ismet
  • Alayça Öztürk ~ Safiye

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Info/foto source: https://www.youtube.com

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