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PROMO: Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl, episode 7 | Synopsis

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  • Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl Trailer - Episode 7 Summary 

     Siyah Inci (Black Pearl) Episode 7 Summary:

    PROMO: Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra, episodul 7 rezumat
    Siyah İnci - Black Pearl episode 6 ended up with Hazal as she climbed onto Kenal's boat to confront him and Vural hurried to get to the harbor.

    Siyah Inci (Black Pearl) Episode 7 synopsis will be published on our site as soon as the series ends at StarTV. If you are a fan of Black Pearl's series, stay tuned...


    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl | Promo 1,  episode 7

     Hazal: You are fooling yourself. There is no way you love Irmak. You just want to hurt me. That's your only goal.
     Kenan:  I picked myself up and I have loved again. In fact, I have loved like never before. And I have never been this happy before.
     Hazal: She is not going to marry you.
     Kenan: Bring it on. You won't succeed. Do you know why? Because she is not greedy and covetous like you are. Money won't divert her from her path. She has got another quality which you don't have. Do you know what that is? Faithfulness. 
     VuralLook, there! Shift the helm. Faster. Come on, fast!
     Hazal: You are the vilest, the most despicable, the most.
     Kenan: Look here! I swear to God, I will throw you from the boat.

    Siyah İnci Episode 7 Summary:

    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl | Promo 2,  episode 7

     Hazal: The day your mother left, you waited at the dock for hours thinking that she might have come back. You were soaking wet under the rain. I was with you as always. We got warm together. You forgot your pain and warmed my hands just like you are doing right now. 
     Kenan: Then you left me just like my mother did. Sleep now. Don't worry, I won't tell your husband anything.
     Vural: Fisherman! Where were you last night? Answer me!
     Hazal: Vural.
     Vural: Mom, take Hazal to the car. Fisherman, do not play with me.
     Kenan: Enough is enough. 
      ????: No one can save you this time. 
    Drop that gun. Drop it. Kenan! 
     Hazal și Melek: Kenan!!!

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    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra, episodul 7

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