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PROMO: Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl, episode 6 | Synopsis


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  • Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl Trailer - Episode 6 Summary 

     Siyah Inci (Black Pearl) Episode 6 Summary:

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    Black Pearl episode 5 has been tracked with great enthusiasm by fans of the new Turkish series. Because in the last episode, the audience who witnessed the characters' emotions wondered if the trailer of Episode 6 was broadcast...

    The great confrontation between Hazal and Vural! Hazal finds out that Vural's obsessive love for her is because his ex-wife looks like her.

     While Hazal holds a photograph found on the bed in the bedroom, Vural walks into the room and she asks who is that woman. Vural with tears in the eyes confesses to her that the woman is Naz and left him without looking after her.

     Vural: I loved her more than anything else in this world. My whole world was for her and she threw everything into the trash, left me and I couldn't stop her.
    Hazal: Everything happend because I look like her? You replaced her with me, like a copy you fell in love with me just because I look like she? You ruined my life! I broke up with my lover, the man I loved more than life, just for your crazy love. I lost hope and dreams, I lost everything ... Fuck you! How could you hurt me so much? How dare you do to me one like that?
    Hazal learns the truth, that in the past Vural married Naz, the woman in the photo that looks like they are twins. Surprised and shocked by this situation, Hazal leaving the house of anger, though Vural tries to stop her.
    At the same time at Kenan's home, Irmak feels very bad and Ece, who is also in Kenan's house, intervenes to help Irmak. But seeing she is not recovering, Kenan takes her to the hospital, then Caanan is announced that her daughter had a severe asthma attack.

    Althought Melek suffers enormously because of her daughter's decision, does not want to talk to Hazal again! 

    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl, episode 6
    On the other hand, Hazal is trying helplessly to talk to her mother, while the Demiroğlu family gets to the hospital. Hazal goes to the hospital when she learns Irmak's situation.
    Meanwhile, Kenan is next to Irmak, not knowing that Vural and the others come to the hospital. Irmak's illness makes Kenan question the relationship he started with Irmak just to take revenge on Hazal.
    However, on the night Irmak stays at the hospital, what Irmak would like to hear from Hazal's mouth makes Kenan give up a possible breakup and confront the Demiroğlu family, wishing to confess his relationship with Irmak .

     Will follow...

    Siyah İnci (Black Pearl) Episode 6 synopsis will be published on our site as soon as the series ends at StarTV. If you are a fan of Black Pearl's series, stay tuned...


    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl Episode 6 Summary | Promo

    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl | Promo 1,  episode 6

     Kenan: My deceased father, used to say "The heart is either a wound or a love." It's true. Either Mrs. Hazal will come to my knees or I will take her and bring them to an end.
     Vural asks Hazal: Why are you so eager to go to dinner?
    Hazal tells Vural: Let's say some kind of power play. 
    Hazal cries in her room: How could you do that, Kenan? How did you hurt me like this?

    Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl | Promo 2,  episode 6

     Vural tells Hazal: You will be very happy and comfortable with me. I am ready to do everything to make this happen. 
     Ebru: I accepted it because you were here. To be near you.
     Melek: Aziz? 
     Kenan: Irmak, what is wrong with you? Irmak... Irmak... Irmak!
     At hospital: She has a severe asthma attack. Give her oxygen and ease her breathing. Obtain vascular access as well.
     Aziz: Demirogullari's house must have turned into a boiling cauldron now.
     IrmakBrother, I have fallen in love with him.
     Vural : Couldn't you find any other man to fall in love?
     Ece: Are you heartless too, Kenan? 
     Kenan asks Irmak: Will you marry me?

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