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Presenting series Siyah Inci ~ Black Pearl


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  • Siyah İnci ~ Black Pearl 

     Siyah Inci (Black Pearl) Plot Summary:

    Siyah Inci ~ Black Pearl
    The "Black Pearl" is one of the most challenging projects of the new season of Turkish series that will delight the audience with an exciting and delightful love story. The filming of the "Siyah Inci" series took place on the beautiful coastline of the Aegean Sea, in a small town. The protagonists of the "Pearl Black" series are Hazal (Hande Erçel) and Kenan (Tolgahan Sayman).

    Actors in the lead role: 

    1. Hande Erçel, the actress who became famous for "Güneşin Kızları ~ Guneş", has become a star among the young actors and has irremediably conquered the audience. She has also starred in the "Aşk Laftan Anlamaz" series, with great success. The beautiful actress is part of the young generation of actors in Turkey and, at the same time, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in her country, being very popular with the international audience. Hande Ercel will play Hazal's role, as Kenan's girlfriend. 
    2. Tolgahan Sayışman, the handsome actor, is known to the international audience in the series "Asla Vazgeçmem ~ I Never Give Up". Tolgahan Sayisman will give life to the Kenan character. 
    3. Berk Hakman
    Presenting series Siyah Inci ~ Black Pearl
    Director: Erol Özlevi
    Screenwriter: Yekta Torun
    Generic music: Barış Aryay & Mehmet Andiçen
    Original title: Siyah Inci
    English title: Black Pearl
    Serial genre: History, Drama, Romantic
    Country of origin: Turkey
    Seasons: +1
    Episodes: +
    Season 1:?
    Producer: Gold Film, Turkey 2017
    Broadcast: Star TV, Turkey
    Day and time of broadcast: Wednesday at 20:00
    Episode Time: About 150 minutes
    First broadcast on September 28, 2017
    Official site: www.startv.com.tr/dizi/siyah-inci

    Presentation of the series ~ Siyah Inci ~ Black Pearl 

     Siyah İnci (The Black Pearl) is one of the best classic love story, in which Hazal (Hande Erçel) and Kenan (Tolgahan Sayman) fall in love. Kenan and Hazal are two young people living in a small seaside town near the Aegean coast where they lead a simple and modest life. Although the two lovers have sworn oaths, they will not be separated all their lives, it will not be easy to stay together. Their immense love will not be enough to keep their couple's relationship happy because the two lovers will be affected by the arrival of Vural (Berk Hakman), a wealthy man who will move to the city.

     Vural comes from a very rich and respected family. He will fall madly in love with Hazal and try everything he can to have her, raging to rape. The love relationship between Hazal and Kenan will suffer once Vural begins to disturb them and things get complicated.

     The burden of the honor of the man whom Hazal loves, weigh heavily on the young girl's shoulders. She wishes to save the beloved man and is forced to do what Vural forces her to do. Kenan feels betrayed and cannot calm himself. And when he hears that Hazal will marry Vural, he feels that the whole world is collapsing around him. He believes that the woman he loves left him for money and a wealthy life.

    In the wedding day: Hazal dresses the wedding dress as if she put on her a shroud, it is not like she will go to her wedding but as if she is going to attend a funeral
    Will the two lovers be able to keep their oath?  

    Cast of "Siyah Inci":
     Merve Polat, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Burak Altay, Çağla Demir, Yeşim Büber, Melis Sezen and Mehmet Mehmedof.
    The motto of the series "Siyah Inci ~ Black Pearl": As long as I live, you will be the only one I will ever love. Only you.

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    Info/foto source: https://www.startv.com.tr,
    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra
    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra
    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

    Siyah Inci ~ Perla Neagra {featured}

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