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Bir nefes yeter - One Breath is Enough | Plot Summary


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  • Film presentation - Bir nefes yeter - One Breath is Enough

    Bir nefes yeter - One Breath is Enough | Plot Summary
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    Release Date:
    October 13, 2017
    Country and production year: Turkey, 2017
    Genre: Drama, Romantic
    Director: Yasemin Turkmenli
    Cast: Sekkin Özdemir, Tuvana Türkay, Zuhal Gencer Erkaya, Hakkı Ergök, Galip Erdal
    Scenario: Pelin Karamehmetoglu
    Developer: Asuman Erdoğan

    The protagonists of the Turkish TV series of Bir nefes yeter are:

    • Sekkin Özdemir the talented actor you've seen on TV series in Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2012), Bir Ask Hikayesi (2013), Günahkar (2014) and in Atesböcegi (2017);
    • Tuvana Türkay, the actress of the series "Kara Para Aşk", where she played Elif's role.

    Sekkin Özdemir is known as the best male actor in the cinematographic industry!

      Sekkin Özdemir is a very talented actor who can express his emotions clearly to the public, being privileged by his features and blue eyes, as well as years of acting in the field of acting.
    Bir nefes yeter - One Breath is Enough, I think it will be the first film in which Sekkin Özdemir will have the best performance of his career.

    Tuvana Türkay, the actress with a golden voice, is one of the rising names in cinemas in recent years.
    Tuvana Türkay (Nefes) and Sekkin Özdemir (Yaman) seem perfectly harmonious when playing together.


     Bir nefes yeter ~ One Breath is Enough Film Plot Summary 

    Bir nefes yeter - One Breath is Enough is a drama detailing the story of the dramatic love of Nefes (Tuvana Türkay), a beautiful, optimistic and lively girl, and Yaman (Seçkin Özdemir), an unhappy and pessimistic young man with a warm soul who has given up from life.
    The story of dramatic love takes place in a small town on the shores of Lake, where Yaman and Nefes' life is sometimes confronted with dark facts and becomes totally different when the two meet.

    Nefes suffers from a serious illness and although she believes in miracles, her efforts to live her normal life no longer deal with illness. But Yaman falls in love with her, and he does his best to make the miracle his beloved believe to become a real one.

    [youtube src="NXYNJNaYBYs"/]

    The film will be featured on cinemas on October 13, 2017!

    According to the website www.haberler.com, the launching of the film "Bir nefes yeter - One blow" took place last night and a lot of known names from the world of cinema and television took part.

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