Hopes of fans have shattered! The fans of Kara Sevda have been waiting with blown for almost two years good to overcome the evils


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  • The end of Kara Sevda - Endless Love has shocked fans!

    Kemal și Nihan

    Kemal și Nihan
    Several million fans of the Kara Sevda series have been waiting for a happy ending and Episode 74 shocked them.

    Kemal was one of the most beloved male characters in the Kara Sevda series and the fans reacted harshly to the famous director Hilal Saral who was assaulted by critics on the social networking.

    [lock]The director had to restrict the comments on Instagram but on the following posts the fans' messages did not stop re-emerging, and they all want one single thing: A happy ending for Kemal and Nihan!

    Fans from all corners of the world have posted disappointment from their souls through messages reacting in all manners of ways joining forces with posts containing the hashtag: # karasevda75.

    Kara Sevda's showdown began in Turkey on October 14, 2015 and ended on June 21, 2017, which shows that some of the fans of the show have waited almost two years for the final.
    The dramatic end of the show made fans want "Season 3 or even Episode 75," and of course a happy ending for Kemal and Nihan.

    The series "Kara Sevda ~ Infinite Love ~ Endless love" is obviously one of the most successful Turkish productions that fascinated audiences from all corners of the world. Although the show has come to an end it will remain in the hearts of fans everywhere and being so popular all over the world, is not excluded to appears season 3.

    Burak si regizoarea Hilal Saral
    Famous director Hilal Saral is renowned for her outstanding productions as well as for her dedication to the impeccable and well-structured regiments. It should be noted that the actors were exceptional and entered to be in the characters' skin so well that they left the impression that the story is real and awakened in the hearts of fans a burning desire to see them in a season 3.

    The dramatic ending and subtle clues made fans believe that the Kemal character would have thrown into the sea and would have survived the explosion and after some years of amnesia he would return home to Nihan and their little daughter Deniz ...

    CITEȘTE ȘI: »PROMO: Kara Sevda - Dragoste infinita episodul 74 - Finalul serialului »

    PS: I honestly tell you that I was disappointed with the tragic end of the series because I never imagined that an infinite love story would end like that even in a series where everything can be changed for the better. I watched the live episode on Star TV and I did not notice the sequences of the first promo of the Turkish episode 74, but I thought maybe it missed me because I was trying to make the summary of the first part. After an internet search, I found that in the Turkish episode 74 there is no promo. [/lock]

    During the last minutes marking the end of Kara Sevda, Kemal's death was emotionally felt and the scene of the death marked the media and the fans reacted sharply on social networks. The last episode of the phenomenon series was followed by surprises, the death of Kemal and Emir marked the fans deeply.

    Finalul serialului Kara Sevda

    I tried to interpret the end of the serie in all manners of ways, even looking at everything from the director's perspective, and I didn't imagine the end would be so sad. I was expecting the director to try to reconcile both Emir's fans and Kemal's fans, and at worst Emir to get to jail and Kemal and Nihan to live happily ever after. At one point, on Instagram appeared a video with fragments of the Final of the serie and a short detailed message announcing that the end would be right.

    CITEȘTE ȘI: » Finalul serialului s-a confirmat! Fanii serialului Kara Sevda - Dragoste infinită își doresc un final fericit »

    The meticulously gathered information indicates that the "Kara Sevda" series might have had another final version and I don't think it is the fault of director Hilal Saral. We can't judge or blame anyone because we do not know the details behind the cameras and what happened on the shooting platforms.

    One single thing we can do is: To unite our forces and launch an "online petition" to ask for the continuation of this production and a happy ending!

    Many questions about finale
    O postare distribuită de S I N C E : 11.02.2017 🥀 (@neslihan.dogulu) pe 

    The Message: A Correct Final!

    O postare distribuită de Hilal Saral (@hilalsaral) pe 

     Kara Sevda trailer episode 74
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    Kemal, Nihan si Deniz


    1. Really a very disappointing end. But if you look at the way Nihan always acted upon the wish's and torments that Emir put her through, causing her to loose trust and hope in KEMAL till the time they eventually get married and start their journey towards happiness which by this time was everything that the fans wanted to see, but the pain that KEMAL went through on his journey to everlasting happiness had to be brought to a drastic painfull end, so that it will ALWAYS BE A PAINFULL MEMORY TO NIHAN COS SHE NEVER REALLY BELIEVED IN KEMAL'S TRUST TOWARDS GETTING HER FREE AND BRINGING THEM PEACE AND A LONG ROAD OF HAPPINESS, she will live with that regret........

    2. I'm heartbroken after kemals deth in this series ....I there for the authorities of kara sevda. Plz make a season 3 with a good ending for the heartbroken fans like me


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